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Daily Groupage lines to various European destinations

Thanks to a quick expansion of our network, we manage today daily groupage lines delivering shipments to and from various destinations across Europe, CIS, Baltics and Russia from our main operations bases.

Our setups accommodate all types of cargo, including temperature controlled and hazardous goods, from parcels and less than a pallet to full pallets.

We are committed to extend number of trips for current lines, integrate new lines and improve planning and efficiency for all destinations and provide our clients with most suitable lead times and costs.

Why working with us

  • Reliable and safe transport and storage.
  • Goods transported and handled in accordance with ISO, HACCP, SQAS standards of quality.
  • Short transit times.
  • Defined terminal to terminal transit times.
  • Delivery notifications.
  • Competitive costs.

For your convenience, we offer additional services such as pick-up from your designated location to our terminals and distribution to final destination.

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