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Our commitment to greener logistics
We are aware of the impact of the road transportation on the environment and orient our efforts to create and implement solutions to minimize it. As a result, in 2013 we decided to develop and integrate intermodal solutions in our services range and we set as goal to shift 20% of our road traffic to rail within the next 5 years.

The BtoUK project aimed to create viable road-rail connections between Bulgaria, Romania and Western Europe. First deliveries were done to UK. The project was conducted with INEA support under a Marco Polo program.

Later, the coverage of our intermodal service was extended by including traffic to Belgium, Netherlands, Ruhr area of Germany and large parts of Northern France.

Green Start Milestones


  • Start of Intermodal Project
  • Rail service from Curtici, RO, to Genk, BE, and then shipments to UK
  • Owned fleet – 40 units


  • New lines:
    • Duisburg <> Curtici
    • Duisburg <> Ploiesti
    • Zeebrugge <> Curtici
  • Curtici <> Ruse <> Stara Zagora – line exclusively operated by Gopet Trans
  • Owned fleet – 100 units


  • New line + own block train Curtici <> Bucharest
  • Owned fleet 150 units


  • Owned fleet 200 units
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