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Shifting your perspective – We love the job we do

Yes, you will be working with us, because we are inclusive and focused on potential. And, yes, we are all colleagues, because empowering people works better than micro-management. We are a company with strong culture and clear expectations. Having entrepreneurial genes makes us appreciate authenticity and initiative the most.

Our teams are a mix of individuals with various backgrounds, personalities, initiative-driven and creative mindsets, bound together by mutual support, positive attitude and a set of common principles.

We know we ask you a lot, but we are committed to offer much more. We’ll offer you a real career:

  • Where you are trusted, respected and appreciated,
  • Where you communicate freely & honestly with your colleague manager,
  • In which you will be guided by passion,
  • Where your initiatives are valued and supported and can turn into projects,
  • That helps you grow and continuously learn,
  • That helps you have an impact on society.


Careers at Gopet

Young professional

Be who you want to be with us

Experienced professional

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We support honest, open and direct communication.


We encourage our teams to show initiative.


We value trust, loyalty and respect within our team and towards our partners.


We enjoy the job we do.


We care about our people’s growth and development.


We care about society and environment.