Manager Import – Export

*This role requires good English skills.

The Manager Export – Import understands the company’s competitive advantages on the market and is able to generate business development and sustainable growth for our company.


  • Understands the company’s competitive advantages on the market and develops knowledge about the services’ profitability; Able to explain key business drivers within own function (import/export/both)
  • Evaluates the market situation and contributes with ideas how to react to market changes adequately and on time
  • Actively searches for new business partners to develop the destination
  • Proposes optimal price quotes for participation in customer tenders based on good knowledge of the services’ cost price, market conditions and competitors’ pricing levels
  • Prepares and sends quotations / offers in reply to customer requests for transport services in accordance with the company’s existing routines. Analyzes the offers’ success rate and builds an awareness of how to increase it
  • Guides subordinates in the application of the company’s risk policies and assists the resolution of more complex cases
  • Proposes specific solutions, customized to customers’ requests while ensuring safe, cost-effective and efficient service
  • Maintains strong professional relationships with Business Partners through regular contact
  • Demonstrates availability and reliability for addressing all business partners’ issues.

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